About us



Varo Caride is a leather design studio established in the city of Vigo (Galiza) in 1983, beginning the practice of leather embossing. Soon afterwards to deepen other decorative techniques such as tooled, gold-colored, molding and others. Synthesize everything experienced to get a personal line, where respect for the leather, the effort to provide our customers with the best finishes, and freedom unconditionally when making our creations, are the main objectives of this craft studio.



In our creations we look for the role of the leather. We design up-to date pieces, while also timeless. Deleting the unnecessary to approach as far as possible to the pure forms. Unique items that will accompany us at all times, as travelling companions, and that over time will increase its value, leaving a patina of nobility that hardly any other material could reflect.



The leathers we use are of national origin, are selected for their quality, mainly cattle hides, ecological, vegetable tanned with craft procedures.
In developing our products we try the utmost respect for the environment, using ecological products in production them.
Also carefully select the trimmings, buckles and other accessories you need in the development of belts, bracelets and other items.